【Vol.32】Popular YouTuber “Currently Hannah” introduces exciting Tokyo festivals

【Vol.25】Kimura Ihei Award–winning photographer Masataka Nakano reflects on the profound relationship between Tokyo festivals and water

【Vol.24】Kimura Ihei Award–winning photographer Masataka Nakano catches a glimpse of people shining bright at a Tokyo festival

Tokyo is the stage for all sorts of festivals, or matsuri, most of them with their roots in the life rhythms of the countryside: springtime matsuri praying for good harvests, summertime matsuri to drive away illnesses, and many more.
Furthermore, modern means, such as digital technology, are being used to update such matsuri, and establish them as a new form of entertainment.
Some are celebrated as a cultural heritage from the past, and others as matsuri of today, generating new energy in the communities where they are held.
Be sure to come and enjoy a Tokyo matsuri, charged with these energies old or new.
(This is a "Tokyo Tokyo Old meets New" Project.)

A "Wonder Wander Tokyo" Project